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School Crime Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

School Crime - Case Study Example Involvement in gangs, shootings, thefts and robberies etc. are common criminal acts. (Almond, 2008) One of the most practiced crimes in school shooting with handguns. This act is done mostly by the people who are mentally disabled, expelled students or a faculty who have been kicked out of school for certain reason or people who hold a grudge against other students. The profound reason behind these incidents is vengeance and it is occasionally found that the perpetrator (shooter) is killed in the incident. There are lots of cases that can be used to discuss the issue regarding crimes in schools. (Almond, 2008) The shootings Virginia Tech School on April 16, 2007 where the death toll was about 33 civilians is one of these incidents. A mentally retarded student got hold of guns and shot people that crossed his path. Many of the victims were students that were shot dead in their dorms and class rooms. There were two separate shooting attacks in campus at Blacksburg. The first attack took place in dormitory were two students were shot dead and after that another attack took place in a classroom building across campus which killed another 31 students. The witnesses who were in campus describe the horrific scenes where the students were lined up against the wall and were shot one by one. (Almond, 2008) These types of incidents leave a question mark on the American society, the law makers as well as the school environments. If these type of incidents can take place in developed countries then what about the underdeveloped countries In this incident, a quick action by the administration would have prevented the second attack but due to lack of communication and prompt reaction, massive killings occurred. (Sommer, 1984) If these type of situation remains in schools then what would be the future of the Youth. Would a student studying in a school become a scholar or a terrorist This incident imitated wide interest from the media and the hype left the policy makers revise their policies and led to gun control measures. Researches have shown that these crimes are also due to various other factors that include the environment of school, availability of weapons in the state, peer pressure among a certain age group and discrimination by the society in which an individual is living. Addressing these types of issues can also be fruitful for the society and can lead to favorable outcomes among schools. (Sommer, 1984) Another example of school crime is the shooting in Northern Illinois School which led to 6 casualties. The shooting occurred in the lecture hall of the school at around 3 pm when a person dressed in black emerged suddenly into lecture hall and opened fire. The administration identified that the shooter as a former graduate student in sociology who was enrolled in 2007 but then left. The administration of the school was put on alert immediately and the students were informed by emails, text msgs, alarms, media, and voicemail about the incident. (Rubel, 1981) These types of incidents can lead to very huge type of problem. The schools have to take some serious actions against this type of incident. To tackle these types of incidents the weapons systems should be used in campuses and metal detectors should be used to avoid these types of horrible incidents. Every student coming in campus should be

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